– Mean Machines 2015

On 31st Oct 2015, participated in Mean Machines Penang 2015.

11049613_485605584952672_4802829820490555148_n the Malaysia’s Leading Automotive Directory has made our first appearance on the north in Mean Machines 2015 events on 31st Oct to 1st Nov 2015 to increase its exposure towards the north of Malaysia. Penang is being recognised as one of the most happening car culture cities in Malaysia.


With Mean Machines being Malaysia biggest aftermarket automotive events, is quite obvious it will be a great opportunity for to be part of it. In this event, visitor can see all kind of different aftermarket brands and car culture. There are also many car enthusiast that bring their tricked out cars to show case their styling, sound systems and many more. Apart from that, visitor also can find products such as in car recorder (Dashcam), vape products, magazine and of course as a digital platform.


The crowd is pretty overwhelming as the nights come around. Is quite understandable why the crowd turn up at nights given for a few reasons. First, Malaysia is known to be very hot during the day which can be sweaty and uncomfortable. Secondly, Auto City is full with fun activities, restaurant and pub which came alive at nights. Last but not least, all the show cars come alive too when the sun set. They begin to light up the ambience with their sound system being at full blast accompany with the fancy and cool lighting effects.20151031_203858_resized

As you can see from this picture, this Dragon looking Myvi has awaken during the night.


The crowd from Penang appears to be very welcome to new digital products like Most people find our apps to be very useful as it could help them in day to day situation for their beloved cars. Apparently, our show cars also attracted many people as Maserati GranTurismo S can be fairly rare especially up north. If you appear to seen our Maserati on the road, snap a picture and share it on facebook. Who know’s? Maybe it could win you something EPIC? :smirk:


We don’t only display our Maserati plainly. We actually got our co-partner which is also our stickers sponsors Tom’s Stickers to perform a live demo on how stickers are being put onto cars which in this case our Maserati. Our Maserati has transform from plain to with our partners logos (Tint-Shop, RaceChip & Tom’s Stickers) and lastly with all the cool orange lining that came alive at night.


With a cool Maserati, how can we miss out the pretty ladies? 😀


Don’t Panic! got your back!

Besides displaying a cool Maserati accompany with pretty ladies, also run a photo contest whereby visitors need to take a photo with our Maserati and post in on our facebook. Contestant with the highest like will be able to win a great prizes, which includes RaceChip One tuning chip sponsors by our partner Racechip and Petrol Vouchers from would like to offer our gratitude to RaceChip for being so supportive.12011145_484895731690324_3661739817728527004_n

Grand Prize winner for RaceChip One and Petrol Vouchers


Nonetheless, how can we not have our trusted tinting partner, Tint-Shop? With all the heat during the day time, it will be dreadful if our car did not install any tint film. Lucky enough, we got our partner Tint-Shop for providing their best tinting, V-Kool to us. Despite the car being in dark colour, we actually can’t really feel the heat from outside.


We would like to extend our appreciation to all the visitors at Mean Machines and our partners (Tint-Shop, RaceChip and Tom’s Stickers). Watch our facebook page for more future updates!

Being an automotive directory, we are always happen for any event collaboration with  any of our partners or clients.

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