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  • What is Auto360 Business Listings?

    Auto360 Business Listings provide car owners or visitors to locate and find reliable products and services. As business owners you may grow your business reputation online by getting more reviews, and indirectly generate traffic to your page and getting new customers.

  • Why Auto360 have my shop and product information?

    Auto360 business listing provide the latest and comprehensive automotive products/services to the public. Therefore we will collect the basic information and that will enable anyone who is reading reviews about your products/services to be able to contact you by their preferred means, either phone, mail or web.

  • I cant find my shop or products in Auto360? what should i do?

    You can write to us at and our sales representative will contact with you soon.

  • Business > Reviews and Ratings

  • Why does Auto360 let people rate & review business?

    Consumers pay attention to feedback of a business before using it, and they like to share about their own experiences. Nowadays almost all businesses understand good feedback will build trust and loyalty among the current and potential customers. So Auto360's business reviews help consumers and businesses.

    Moreover, consumers' feedback give businesses have a better understanding of their consumers and a chance to respond.

  • Does Auto360 moderate reviews?

    Yes, we moderate every review and comment before we publish them.

  • How should business handle negative reviews?

    It's inevitable to just have positive reviews only, Auto360 practice 'freedom of expression' to our visitors.

    Here are some tips for dealing with negative reviews:

    If you want to respond to the reviewer, add a comment under their review explaining your side of the story. Only certain business packages can respond / reply to published reviews.
    Encourage other clients to review your business ' lots of good reviews will quickly outweigh a poor review.
    The most recent reviews appear first, so any older reviews will be pushed towards the bottom of the page.
  • Can i report a review being inappropriate?

    Yes. Click the 'Report Error' on the right side of a review and send us your message. Our team will follow up with you soon.

  • Can businesses receive alerts when a review about them is published?

    Yes. Once you subscribe to our business package, you'll receive free email alerts whenever a new review about your business is published. If your automotive business isn't listed on Auto360, please write to us at

  • Our Business Response guidelines

    Auto360 allows the management or representatives of Retailers and Product principals to respond to reviews written about their products or services. Please make sure the response is written as you wish to see it posted on our website. In order to post your business response, it must be:

    1)  Free from inappropriated language.
    2)  We allow one response per review posted on our website. Please coordinate with your management or owners of your retailers and products to make sure you are the one designated to respond to the review.
    3)  Business responses are posted below the review to which you are responding. They are read by all Auto360 users, and should be written in a manner that represents the customer service policies of your business.
    4)  Business responses may not threaten or coerce a reviewer or attempt to suppress reviewer contributions on our site. No accusations of review fraud.
    5)  Respectful of Personal Privacy - Do not guess the reviewer's identity or include any information that could identify them.
    6)  Do not post any promotional material. we reserve the right to reject any URL.
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